Me, my, I, am; often battling between truly being myself (a little bit wild and outspoken at times) and being “professional”. I listen to my gut and recognize when something truly resonates with my soul. Photography has been a major part of my life and in hindsight has helped guid me through some hard times. This business is my life and also allows me to be social and network with groups of photographers. Our community is striving to lift one another up, collaborate, and lean on.

I’m an empath and naturally I’ll be sharing all the feelings with you on your wedding day and photographing the heck out of all those feels. I want to vibe with my clients; I want to be real, I want you to be real. Forget the idea that you have to be a certain way or conform to what everyone else wants you to be because you are beautiful the way you are, and you are enough.

I love photographing people the most. I like to incorporate some meditative practices into certain photo sessions, like deep breathing and positive mantras. The goal is to allow yourself to let go of all the negative thoughts you’ve had about your body and just express yourself without judgement. This is especially important in my boudoir sessions. I recognize there is deep hurt running through all our bodies that might have made us believe we are not beautiful and we are not worthy, but this is false.

A long term dream of mine is to work with patients at breast cancer centers and women that have survived trauma. This intentional boudoir is focused on loving healing and self soothing practices during the session. Join me in this photographic experience of letting go and relinquishing fear in your very own boudoir session. If this resonates with you, then I’m your girl.

I enjoy traveling for photo shoots though I do offer portrait sessions at my home located in Indianapolis, IN.

Self Portrait / Chicago, IL

Self Portrait / Chicago, IL